Assistance & Training Available


Use the
help center

  • We encourage you, as the Core Administrator, to become very familiar with Collaboratory's Help Center, a searchable knowledge base of articles and videos.
  • The Administrators' section provides concrete guidance for your Administration Team.
  • Support faculty and staff users by including these links in any materials (e.g., a "how to get started with Collaboratory" email) you share:

Attend onboarding webinars

  • You and your Administration Team will participate in a series of free one-hour webinars designed to assist you to use the system and data.
  • Check back for a list of offerings soon!

Connect with your collaboratory liaison

  • Each Administration Team is assigned a TreeTop liaison who can answer technical questions. You will receive an email from him/her with contact information and hours of availability.

  • Treetop's Professional Services department will work with you to address your unique questions as you organize your institution's engagement and service.
  • For more information, contact Dr. Lisa Keyne.

Request custom webinars or consultations

Sign up for ongoing professional development