Administer collaboratory

  • Set aside time each day or week to review submissions to Collaboratory. Be aware of busier times of year (i.e., right after you send reminder emails) and allow more time.
  • Check in with Co-Administrators to ensure good communication among those assuming similar tasks.
  • Calendar dates when you want to send out reminders, such as the beginning of the semester or the end of the academic year).

Share Stories!

  • Encourage units to link to their Collaboratory landing page to spotlight activities facilitated by their faculty and staff.
  • Use your institution's Collaboratory website to feature stories and reports that have been generated as a result of data collected in Collaboratory.
  • Select featured Activities for your portal homepage that align with ongoing events or initiatives (like Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, for example).
  • Forward a story to Collaboratory's blog, an ideal place to inspire others in their use of the database. Send to Kristin Medlin.

Expand users

  • Promote Collaboratory in a variety of institutional communications.
    • Consider attending key meetings with deans, department chairs, or advisory council members.
    • Make sure key stakeholders (e.g., marketing/communications, advancement, and research) know of Collaboratory's value, and ask them to serve as advocates when they interact with their own stakeholders.
    • Include a Collaboratory introduction in new faculty and staff orientations.
  • Which units have not yet entered any data? Think of ways include/invite all units that have community engagement or public service initiatives.

  • With which institutions would you like to compare data, or address community issues?
  • Become aware of patterns as you learn with and from each other:
    • Are there areas in community with needs, but no institutions are involved?
    • Are there similar strategies being used where collaboration could make efforts even more effective?

Invite other higher education institutions
to join collaboratory

  • Each month we feature highlights of institutions using Collaboratory, as well as other related topics.
  • The blog will launch in January 2018, so check back soon!

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