Collaboratory Implementation Guide

A guide for the Core Administrator

Congratulations on joining Collaboratory. This cloud-based software will support you in tracking, reporting, connecting, and understanding all of your institution’s community engagement and public service. 

This guide is designed specifically for you, the core administrator, to provide assistance in every step of getting your Collaboratory organized, launched and successfully used.  It may be helpful to read through all steps once so you have an idea of all entailed in implementing Collaboratory.  Having the guide available online ensures you will always have access to the most recent version , as well as live links to more detailed instructions or guidance. You may also print a pdf version for your reference.

Following the steps in the order presented will lead to successful implementation of Collaboratory and can contribute to broad participation in gathering and utilizing the data you collect for strategic purposes.  Collaboratory’s implementation team will contact you to schedule a call to discuss your next steps, and to address any questions.  Please review the guide and start the work suggested in the Prepare Your Collaboratory section prior to that call.


Prepare your collaboratory

You will have received a link to your institution’s live Collaboratory portal. No one else can access your Collaboratory until you share the link.  Complete the steps in this section in preparation for inviting others into Collaboratory.


Introduce collaboratory

Once you've put in all the hard work during setup, it's time to launch Collaboratory across your institution! Learn how to get support from the right people and announce Collaboratory far and wide.


Assistance & training available

Everybody needs a little support sometimes. Our expert Professional Services team offers webinars, consultations, and trainings to help Administrators stay positively focused, deliver better results, and be good stewards of institutional data.


Day-to-day operations

Recommendations for ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and communications processes to keep Collaboratory at the forefront of your institution's key initiatives.


leverage your data

Data collection efforts are often judged on their usefulness. Help diverse stakeholders see value in Collaboratory data and keep them coming back for more!


communications & templates

Not sure what to say to your Provost or Chancellor about Collaboratory? Wish you knew how to introduce it to your faculty and staff? We've drafted a few templates you can use to kickstart your campaign.

Last updated July 2017