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Pieces to Masterpiece: Crafting your Community Engagement Story - A three part webinar series

Facilitated by Emily Janke
Webinar Recordings Available here!

Illuminating your institution's portrait of community engagement and public service activities is about more than gaining recognition for good work that has already been done. Understanding the full scope and depth of who is doing what, where, when, with whom, to what ends is also an effective organizational change strategy to increase the practice and legitimacy of community engagement as scholarly work.

This webinar series explores theory-driven strategies to build a shared and collective campus-wide conversation about the role and value of community engagement in meeting institutional priorities including enrollment, hiring, diversity, and fundraising. Learn about strategies to collect information that allow you to understand your institutional portrait, and why systems to track and measure community engagement activities are strategically invaluable in revealing your institution's "masterpiece" as a community-engaged institution.



Dr. John Saltmarsh, Professor, Higher Education in the Department of Leadership in Education, College of Education and Human Development University of Massachusetts, Boston

Dr. Marshall Welch, Independent Scholar

Dr. Marshall Welch

Welch and Saltmarsh introduced an inventory that helps institutions understand their current infrastructure in order to set goals and develop strategy to support and deepen their community engagement. Participants had the opportunity to consider participation in a daylong Institute that the presenters offer to help institutions unpack the data collected through the inventory.  This webinar was ideal for any institution that prioritizes community engagement and can benefit from a process by which to evaluate and envision.

Interested in learning more? Welch and Saltmarsh have two resources you can review:
-     Current Practice and Infrastructures for Campus Centers of Community Engagement
-     Engaging Higher Education: Purpose, Platforms, and Programs for Community Engagement

The carnegie community engagement classification: a broad overview

Dr. Barbara Holland

Dr. Barbara Holland, Collaboratory Consultant; Senior Scholar, Institute for Community and Economic Engagement, The University of North Carolina Greensboro

Learn more about the design and content of the Carnegie application and some of the factors involved in making the decision about whether your institution is ready to apply.  Great opportunity to gain some tips as you continue the discussions at your institution about the who, what, when of applying for this elective classification.