Prepare Your Collaboratory


customize your collaboratory

Enter institutional details

  • Enter all institutional Units (schools, colleges, departments, offices, etc.). It may be helpful to locate an organizational chart that you can use to manage this process.
  • Enter any institution-identified Strategic Programs and Initiatives.
  • Enter information on Community Organizations that you know are common partners. Consider asking your volunteer or service-learning office for a list, or look through applications for awards/recognitions where these partners may be identified. Faculty and staff will thank you for making their work easier!

make decisions about how to rollout and encourage participation

  • Consider silencing all email alerts prior to inviting early adopters into Collaboratory.
  • Recruit additional Administrators to help manage Collaboratory implementation.
    • We recommend at least two (but no more than three) co-Administrators, since they will need to coordinate efforts to oversee your institution's portal.
    • Share a link to the Implementation Guide with them for review.
    • Include them in orientation calls with Treetop Commons.
  • Recruit and equip Moderators to review and approve content. These may be faculty, staff, or student employees who can help manage content review and approval, but may not need control over Collaboratory's Administrative features. Moderators will likely be someone on your immediate team or a close collaborator from a partner office.
  • Identify individuals in key units to serve as Data Liaisons who can serve as proxies or oversee data entry for those Units, advocate for Collaboratory, identify key Activities for inclusion, and integrate Collaboratory into Unit-level processes and initiatives.
  • Other considerations:
    • Start with units that have a significant number of Activities to build out content in your Collaboratory
    • Remember your first-year goals. Implementation takes time... do not expect 100% participation in the first month.