Upcoming Workshops & Webinars

TreeTop Commons is committed to helping you achieve your community engagement goals. One way we can support you is to help you reflect upon your current community engagement strategy and supports and think about your vision for the future. Recognizing that the elective Community Engagement Carnegie Classification can sharpen a higher education institution’s focus on strategic goals, and monitoring and measuring, we are excited to provide convenings this fall to support your efforts.

Email us at collaboratory@treetopcommons.com.


Join us at the 2018 campus compact conference! 

Facilitated by Lisa Keyne & Kristin Medlin
March 27, 2018 | 1:30pm EST

Join Collaboratory staff for a conference session at the 2018 Campus Compact Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Give me the Data: Faculty/staff motivations for tracking community engagement and public service
Your institution is engaging in diverse ways throughout your community, without being aware of the totality of activities and partnerships! Your data collection may be basic, a sophisticated homegrown system, a third party solution, or a hybrid. How do you get the data, ensuring all aspects of the institution are invited to participate and well-represented?