Upcoming Workshops & Webinars

TreeTop Commons is committed to helping you achieve your community engagement goals. One way we can support you is to help you reflect upon your current community engagement strategy and supports and think about your vision for the future. Recognizing that the elective Community Engagement Carnegie Classification can sharpen a higher education institution’s focus on strategic goals, and monitoring and measuring, we are excited to provide convenings this fall to support your efforts.

Email us at collaboratory@treetopcommons.com.


join us at the 2019 continuums of service conference!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 | 8:30am-1:00pm PDT

Presenters: Lisa Keyne, Chief Strategy Officer for Collaboratory, Treetop Commons
Barbara Holland, Higher Education Consultant
Kristin Medlin, Assistant Director for Postsecondary Initiatives, Treetop Commons
Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Associate Provost for High Impact Programs and Faculty Development, Weber State University
Lauren Wendling, Customer Specialist, Treetop Commons

Join Collaboratory staff and colleagues for a pre-conference session at the 2019 Continuums of Service Conference in San Diego, CA.

Exploring the Nature of our Partnerships: Institution-wide Data Collection on Community Engagement

We invite teams of engagement administrators, leaders, and advocates to join us in developing strategies to identify, collect, interpret, and use community engagement metrics.

Through large group presentations, small group discussion, and individual team work, you will: 

  • Share individual and institutional motivations for and uses of community engagement data

  • Understand the contexts which increase the need for institutions to define and describe community engagement

  • Learn with two campuses as they use Collaboratory to collect, analyze, and visualize related data (including examples of data outputs for discussion)

  • Explore strategies for using data as a basis for measuring outcomes and impact across faculty/staff, students, community partners, and institutions

  • Consider how to create opportunities to increase the rigor of scholarship on the collective activities and impact of community-higher education partnerships

  • Review implications of this data for communications and messaging while maintaining best practices and standards

  • Examine how data enhances other institutional functions, e.g., the ability to convene and refer individuals and organizations across sectors working toward aligned agendas

We encourage you to include on your team an institutional administrator and community engagement professional, and others interested in deepening your institution’s community engagement and institutional strategy.  However, all are welcome!